• ASPROD is a direct manufacturer of galvanised containers and related products. It is known both internally and on overseas market.

  • We produce furniture for homes, schools, hotels as well as public spaces.

  • We offer a wide range of metal and wood products such as buckets, containers, watering cans and jewellery boxes.



  • Out staff consist of highly trained and experienced employees who take care of the smallest details during the production of these products.

  • We have a variety of different machines, which allow us to create even the most complicated projects. 

  • Combining competence with professionalism, we are able to guarantee the highest of quality.


  • ASPROD Company is the largest manufacturer of galvanised and varnished steel products. These include dishes cabinets, tables, desks made of wood and plywood.   Products from Strzyżów go to the USA, Western European countries, Scandinavia, the Middle and the Far East.

  • As much as 97% of the company's products are intended for export. Production is based on our own technology and cooperation with the Swedish company IKEA and Haans Company from the Netherlands.