We work extensively with many companies around the world.  We pride ourselves on quick responses to customers' requests. The possibility of combining different technologies and materials such as wood, pipe, sheet of metal gives us a great chance to win customers looking for this kind of assortment.Our motto is good quality and affordable prices, which determines the perception of us as a reliable partner. Recently we have started production from solid wood, i.e. oak, birch, beech for a large Scandinavian companies. Since May 2001, in order to ensure high quality of products and services, the company  has implemented a Quality Management System compliant with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 standard.


In the nineties, thanks to the purchase of modern machinery; as well as production of a wide range of  metal and wood products based on our own technologies: and in cooperation with the world leader in ecological production Swedish Company IKEA and the Dutch company JCJ HAANS, there was an unprecedented development in the history of the Asprod company


In 1984, the metal works in Strzyżów was commissioned. The production of buckets products using galvanised sheet metal was launched. A wide range of buckets, containers, bowls, cylinders, bathtubs, trays, jugs, pots, vases and sticks were implemented into production. In 1988, in cooperation with the COOPEXIM Company based in Warsaw, the export has begun. Year by year, the export in sales has been growing and currently is 97%.


The seventies saw the development of automotive services. In this period there was also a dynamic development of carpentry and metal production activity of the company, this then took its name "AUTO-SERVICE".


In the sixties, the scope of the Company activities included a variety of services ranging from hairdressing to locksmiths to  painting and  plumbing, photography and tailoring services. In 1967, automotive services were added to our services in Strzyżów, which is where we are located today. The sixties were also a period of expanding the production base - a new bulding called pavilion was built and the carpenters  shop in Frysztak was significantly expanded, as well as the metal factory in Przedmieście Czudeckie  was purchased.


The production of the company began on 2 April 1951, with boxes for pharmacies. This was launched  in the destroyed in WWII premises in the centre of Frysztak.   At the end of that year, 37 employees out of 39 employed were directly involved in the line production. In the fifties only joinery services were carried out. 

How it started?

The home of Asprod Company began in  Frysztak, where on October 8th 1950 the General Assembly of the Labour Cooperative was held. This Assembly - consisting of 27 founding members - established the Company and adopted its status, defined its goals also elected the first authorities. The Woodworking Industry Company  "Our Future" started its activity under the management of the board in its composition: Stanisław Strzępek as the chairmen, Stefania Rec and Piotr Stasiak - the deputy chairmen. The aim of the Company then  was "organising service point to meet local needs in the field of wood products", and the area of activity was Krosno district.